Water park design process

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Do you Know the Water Park Design Process ? Read the Following Article to Learn More.

 Water park design process

Water park design process:


  • Investment Planning

It’s necessary to know the situation of local population, social economy and competitors to determine the market positioning of the project before investing a project. Determining the reasonable investment amount and investment proportion of each functional module of the project according to the principle of optimal return on investment. Creating a more attractive water park.

  • Brand Planning

Determining the brand strategy and competition strategy of the project according to the investment plan. From the perspective of the project’s future marketing, creating your own distinctive brands according to the requirements of the target consumer group.

  • Design Planning

Designing implementation according to the investment planning and brand planning ideas. Making comprehensive design based on the local characteristics of the project. Selecting the appropriate architectural style and cultural theme to design after proposing a planning and determining the construction content and functional partitions.

  • Overall Planning & Project Design

Through the overall planning design diagram to represent the construction content and layout of the project, and to determine the spatial location relationship of each functional area of the project and its connection with the outside. Put forward the main landmark architectural design plan and the important node landscape plan, grasp the key points of design and reasonably place the water park equipment.

  • Preliminary Design

Making preliminary designs for each partition according to the overall planning design drawing, to determine the main parameters of the plan etc.

  • Construction Drawing Design

In order to facilitate the construction of the project in the later stage, the detailed general plan and construction details drawing should be prepared according to the preliminary design.

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