What kind of equipment is suitable for 10,000 square meters of water park?

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What Kind of Rides Are Suitable for the 10,000 SQM Water Park ? Read the Following Article to Learn More.

What kind of equipment is suitable for 10,000 square meters of water park ?

With the coming of summer, more and more people prefer to go to the water park for fun, entertainment and avoid summer heat. Therefore, it has attracted many investors to focus on this emerging entertainment industry with good prospects. /on this promising new entertainment industry. However, what kind of water amusement equipment is suitable for 10,000 square meters of water park?


People’s living standards and consumption levels have greatly improved with the continuous development of the economy, and people are also pursuing a higher level of spiritual life. In order to satisfy people’s higher spiritual pursuit, the water park project should be built combined with the needs of the public to attract more tourists. For example, restaurants, stores and shopping mall should be set in water park to meet the needs of tourists. What kind of rides can be used to add color to a large water park?

  • Wave pool machine: There are two types, one is the tsunami wave pool while the other is the air-blast wave pool. Its construction area is generally 1,000 square meters. And it has the characteristics of novelty, stimulation and fun. With the waves rushing up and down, to bring tourists exciting cheerful experience !
  • Lazy river equipment: There are three types, respectively are lazy river, tidal lazy river and the extreme river. Combining of motion and static, the waves sometimes are boisterous and quiet, making tourists relax and release stress during the play.
  • Water slide equipment: A variety of fiberglass water slides, including children’s slides, adult slides and family slides etc. Making tourists interact with their children and experience different happiness !
  • Water play pool equipment: Large & small interactive water house and all kinds of cartoon water spray toys, which add gorgeous color to the park and create a unique water park !

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