Behemoth Water Slide

Behemoth Water Slide

Height: 13.5m
Slide section: Inner width: 1.4m / length: 20m
Inner width of the bowl: 15m
Capacity: 240 guests/hr for each slide

It is the star project of water park and most popular among young people. And it is more interesting and exciting.

Behemoth water slide

The visitors ride the raft slowly into the closed track from more than ten meters high platform. It is starting to accelerate down under the action of gravity and water, turning maneuver, crushing into the giant bowl in high speed, suddenly, you will discover the raft being a huge black hole suddenly inhalation when the speed start to slow down. The chanting is not disappear, the raft has already arrive to the exit safely.

Behemoth water slide Behemoth water slide Behemoth water slide Behemoth water slide